Summer’s Final Hurrah

It is now late evening on September 1, 2021, and the rain from the remnants of Hurricane Ida has finally stopped. Here in Lycoming County we were fortunate; areas downstream were not as lucky. Still, none were near as devastated as a southern area of the United States.

Sixteen years to the day Katrina rumbled through New Orleans and created massive destruction, Hurricane Ida attacked the Louisiana coastline, albeit just a little over 20 miles from the previously ravaged New Orleans. Power may be out for weeks for some, creating huge drawbacks for cleanup in a hot and humid climate. No air conditioning, little clean water, and increasing Covid-19 Delta variant cases at the same time as likely increased storm-related injuries will tax the hospital systems that are already struggling, many of whom are dealing with storm damage as well.

So much water! Water that is desperately needed in the western area of the country is flooding the south and northeast. The increasingly arid weather in California is making conditions all too desirable for wildfires. One can debate whether the fires are caused by climate change, improper disposal of cigarette butts, or unraked woodlands, but the cause now is unimportant as the flames continue their often unimpeded race through forests and communities. Homes are destroyed, businesses ravaged, wildlife killed, as the orange menace strikes again and again, as human efforts to stop its relentless march forward dance in a forward, then backward, then forward again lockstep with the demon. The ultimate success or failure of the war against the destroyer will depend both on skill and luck.

So much depends on luck alone.

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