Hi, I’m Miscellany by Sandy–

a meandering soul moseying through July 2021

The Flag is Still Flying;
She has Gone on Ahead.
I have missed her for more years
than she was present in my life.

A hard month thus far, so many unsettling thoughts and melancholy musings have filled my hours. Motivation is lacking. The garden withers from inattention, while unexpected volunteers have overtaken the herbs and flowers. I feel the weight of summer passing too quickly, as it always does.

I ponder the years that have passed and those now absent from my life. The sorrow exerts a crushing pressure and provides an unwanted reminder of my own mortality, as well as that of loved ones. I fear.

“When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure.”

My Spirit is Aching for the Peace of the Sand and Sea.
I am stranded amidst the valley and hills.

All Are Gone Now.
So many in photos will be forever unnamed.
My mother is not one of those nameless.