As a nontraditional baby boomer who took a college placement test fifteen years–just to see if I could pass it, my own website is another venture that I have been wanting to tackle. I set up a couple sites for a business in the past using Dreamweaver after taking an introductory web page development class during my college journey, but a WordPress blogging page was all I managed to write after that. And, that was not a great success as I only published two posts in two years. So, fingers crossed, maybe spending money to have my own site will provide me with a greater incentive to actually work on it and take it somewhere.

I have worked part-time as a writing tutor at a local college for the last ten years, with some psychology and sociology tutoring thrown in occasionally as well. Tutoring has been a very rewarding job as far as the work itself; the financial remuneration, however, leaves much to be desired. Now, in fall 2020, I am considering a leave of absence for this semester due to concerns about COVID-19 and my increased risk factors. Yesterday, the college announced its first positive test in the college community, before the fall semester even begins in August. When students start returning from around the country, and perhaps even the world depending on whether foreign students are permitted to attend this year, I am sure the campus will see more than just that one.

My site is titled Miscellany by Sandy because that word describes my life and mindset. Other terms can be heard that have similar meanings including diversity, garbage, medley, and variety. I have often considered that I may have ADD because I have never been able to zero in on any one subject or interest. Everything in this world is so amazing and interesting that there is something new around every corner and on every bookshelf. From polymer clay creations to encaustic art, vampires to zombies, gardening to home repairs, one can find something new and exciting every day to tantalize the senses and enliven the spirit. If, however, you ask my family, there can be too much of a good thing because new stuff comes in and nothing old ever leaves. What can I say; the learning and experience is there for all those who want it.

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