I am woman, hear me moan. Wife, mother of 3, pet parent, amateur photographer, creator of crafts, hoarder of all manner of odd and useful crap, or useless detritus depending on the opinion you seek out.

Woman, Wife, Mother, Daughter–and Orphan since 2016, Sister, Friend. Lost Soul or Directed Villager, All at Once.

I am a wanderer on this planet we call home. A resident of the United States, currently in central Pennsylvania, bastion of the right, an environment which makes me cringe on an often daily basis. My spirit longs for the comfort and solitude of the beach.

I am what I euphemistically call a jackass of all trades, hence the website name– Miscellany by Sandy.

I collect:


A Myriad of Art/Craft Supplies



In my past life:

Writing Tutor at Pennsylvania College of Technology
A part time endeavor to assist students often struggling to construct essays and write coherent reports.

Office Manager at Dynamats Gymnastics Center
Procurer of student information, collector of monthly remunerations, facilitator of other financial services, all around Jack (Ass) of All Trades and Sundries