Summer Heat and Showers

The heat continues with only slight moderations by day, although it was pleasant enough last evening after dark to sit in the backyard and search the sky for the elusive Persiads. After 9:30, the clouds were still sparse enough to see many stars, the bright planet in the southern sky (sky charts are really confusing to read so I cannot name it), and the multitude of airplanes high in the atmosphere. Unfortunately, I chose to pop inside for a brief time to grab my camera and missed the one that Joe spotted right after I went in the door. On another note, it is also challenging to take clear photos of plants in the dark because focusing the camera is not easy, at least for me. I did get some nice moonflower images though.

The sky clouded over before eleven when the best of the meteor shower was to be visible, and then it rained. While the shower of water, such as appeared, was definitely welcome for the plants, the accompanying clouds obscured the shower I really hoped to view. Here’s to a clear sky tonight!

Still Meandering

The more I wander, the more lost I feel. Or, perhaps I do not wander enough. Stuck in a rut of my own design, I remain enmeshed in unproductive musings, unable to pull it together and rise above the swamp of despair.

Some things evidently do not remedy themselves easily. This post was a draft from March 24, 2020.

Summer Doldrums

A general feeling of malaise from the COVID-19 stressors is being compounded by a renewed sense of loss. For some inexplicable reason, I have experienced enhanced sadness recently as I remember persons who were part of my life, some for many years, but who are no longer living. As the fourth anniversary of my mother’s passing approaches, recalling those others who played an important role in my life is sending me to a low point that is not healthy or desirable.

Many were close to my current age when I lost them, and that in itself might be adding to my distress. Since Mom died, I have been increasingly aware of my shortening time even though she lived many years past where I am now. Is this just grief still surfacing, compounded by the constant stress of living with the uncertainties of the effects of the novel coronavirus, or the familiar fear of the inevitable that we all must face?

Given it is August and this summer has been very unsettling, I really need to refocus and try to get myself back together before fall, and the usual seasonal affective disorder, lands with both feet.

Hot Time, Summer in the Country

Well, it is August 1, 2020, and it has been one hot, lazy summer. So many plans to work on multiple tasks since PCT closed in March, and I have completed very few. Okay, being honest here, how about none? We started painting the kitchen–not done. We planted the garden–doing okay, but I never get it done the way I want. I will not discuss the flower bed at the rear of the house. Suffice to say, the trumpet vine we dug out years back refuses to die, and where I cut it back in the late spring, it has returned with a vengeance. inside the house, even the clothes to be sorted and sent packing have failed to cooperate.

The warmer the weather becomes, the less motivation I have. So, that tells you what I have accomplished since early July, doesn’t it? The masks I planned to sew, not done. I cut three out last night, and maybe I will sew tomorrow. The jewelry I purchased all those lovely beads for is still awaiting the design fairy, and she really needs to step up soon and get off her fairy fanny and do some diligent work.

I did manage to sweep the kitchen and vacuum the living room, which was satisfying and sorely needed. The critters all seem to be throwing off so much fur I am surprised they are not naked. Oh, I also updated one computer from XP to Windows 7. Yay, me! I did pat myself on the back for that task since I have been planning it for about six months.

Here it is after 11:00 pm, and I look around the computer room with a shudder at all the clutter. Yep, it’s staying cluttered, too, because I don’t want to do any more today. Tal vez maƱana!