Summer Musings

Midway through July 2018, I have yet to accomplish a small fraction of the tasks I assigned myself for this year. Front porch, still a mess; balcony no better than last year; garage lacks free space to park a bicycle; cellar has but a tiny path in-between clutter; and the attic, well, who wants to sweat through a hot enclosed space in the depths of summer? I have done no sewing of those upcycled bags to be made from children’s skirts. The skirts are washed and piled in a closet or tote. The jewelry supplies are nipping at my heels and begging to be constructed into lovely wearable art. Ah, but I am such an unmotivated slug!

I have dried a few herbs and started some tinctures, but there is much more to harvest– including tiny chamomile flowers. The yarrow needs to be cut and dried; later in the fall, the mallow must be dug and then dried. The mint is plentiful and makes amazing tea–which is much better than soda even with a small amount of sugar for sweetening. Spearmint with a touch of lemon balm is particularly refreshing and tasty. I have hopes of drying many more herbs and inflicting them upon family members and friends as Christmas gifts in neat, tidy little packages. Again, I have aspirations and dreams.

The garden is moving along, while I endeavor to keep Mr. Groundhog from mowing it down. The yard long bean plants have exceeded the poles again this year, and the cucumbers are in a race to beat them. I always have good intentions of getting an early start and leaving time to relax, but alas, I have failed again this year.

I did sit long enough the other evening to watch for hummingbird visitors with some success. There are two that visit the yard to sup at our Bee Balm. I also caught one sipping a yellow Jewel Weed flower. They are such intriguing creatures.

DSC_3942 (2)

Darkness has arrived, and it is time to contemplate that which has been accomplished. The laundry is dry, the bed is made, the fish tank and rabbit pens are clean, and supper is over. Tomorrow is another day.

Many blessings to you and wishes for a pleasant, refreshing, and spirit-renewing rest.


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