Summer Heat and Showers

The heat continues with only slight moderations by day, although it was pleasant enough last evening after dark to sit in the backyard and search the sky for the elusive Persiads. After 9:30, the clouds were still sparse enough to see many stars, the bright planet in the southern sky (sky charts are really confusing to read so I cannot name it), and the multitude of airplanes high in the atmosphere. Unfortunately, I chose to pop inside for a brief time to grab my camera and missed the one that Joe spotted right after I went in the door. On another note, it is also challenging to take clear photos of plants in the dark because focusing the camera is not easy, at least for me. I did get some nice moonflower images though.

The sky clouded over before eleven when the best of the meteor shower was to be visible, and then it rained. While the shower of water, such as appeared, was definitely welcome for the plants, the accompanying clouds obscured the shower I really hoped to view. Here’s to a clear sky tonight!

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