Hot Time, Summer in the Country

Well, it is August 1, 2020, and it has been one hot, lazy summer. So many plans to work on multiple tasks since PCT closed in March, and I have completed very few. Okay, being honest here, how about none? We started painting the kitchen–not done. We planted the garden–doing okay, but I never get it done the way I want. I will not discuss the flower bed at the rear of the house. Suffice to say, the trumpet vine we dug out years back refuses to die, and where I cut it back in the late spring, it has returned with a vengeance. inside the house, even the clothes to be sorted and sent packing have failed to cooperate.

The warmer the weather becomes, the less motivation I have. So, that tells you what I have accomplished since early July, doesn’t it? The masks I planned to sew, not done. I cut three out last night, and maybe I will sew tomorrow. The jewelry I purchased all those lovely beads for is still awaiting the design fairy, and she really needs to step up soon and get off her fairy fanny and do some diligent work.

I did manage to sweep the kitchen and vacuum the living room, which was satisfying and sorely needed. The critters all seem to be throwing off so much fur I am surprised they are not naked. Oh, I also updated one computer from XP to Windows 7. Yay, me! I did pat myself on the back for that task since I have been planning it for about six months.

Here it is after 11:00 pm, and I look around the computer room with a shudder at all the clutter. Yep, it’s staying cluttered, too, because I don’t want to do any more today. Tal vez mañana!

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